Affiliation Process

  1. Eligibility Criteria:
    • Schools and colleges seeking affiliation with FBISE must meet specified criteria.
    • Criteria include infrastructure, qualified staff, and adherence to board regulations.
  2. Application Procedure:
    • Institutions submit an application for affiliation along with required documents.
    • A thorough inspection of the institution is conducted by FBISE officials.
  3. Affiliation Categories:
    • Institutions can apply for affiliation in various categories such as Secondary (Matric) or Intermediate (Inter).
    • Categories also include General Group, Science Group, and Arts Group.
  4. Affiliation Renewal:
    • Affiliation is subject to renewal periodically.
    • Institutions must maintain standards to ensure the renewal of affiliation.
  5. Benefits of Affiliation:
    • Affiliated institutions benefit from the recognition and credibility associated with FBISE.
    • Students studying in affiliated institutions are eligible to appear for FBISE exams.

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