Curriculum Development

  1. Curriculum Review:
    • FBISE periodically reviews the curriculum to ensure relevance and alignment with national objectives.
    • Experts in various fields contribute to the curriculum development process.
  2. Curriculum Revision:
    • Curriculum is revised to incorporate advancements in knowledge and technology.
    • Feedback from educators, experts, and stakeholders informs the revision process.
  3. Subject Selection:
    • The curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, including Science, Mathematics, Humanities, and Languages.
    • Emphasis is placed on providing a balanced education that fosters critical thinking and creativity.
  4. Textbook Selection:
    • FBISE selects textbooks that complement the curriculum and meet educational standards.
    • Textbooks undergo rigorous evaluation before being recommended for use in affiliated institutions.
  5. Implementation:
    • Once finalized, the revised curriculum is implemented in affiliated institutions.
    • Teachers are provided with training and support to effectively deliver the curriculum.

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